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Decove Investment Ltd

A company that had been operating for years , primarily engaged in electronic gaming machines in various casino’s and clubs around pacific region. We do joint venture with the casino's and clubs in different areas. We are very enthusiast in pursuing projects in expanding our company in the fast growing gaming sector in the Asia-Pacific. We've been doing this business with a management system, marketing team supporting solid strategy, promotional activities to ensure a smooth and successful business. Our experienced has also lead us into this field, the foundation we gain from our previous and present stand. We are people who dealt with trust, open communication and professionalism.

Our Vision

to be the leading distributor and operator in the gaming industry and the leading provider of hospitality and leisure services.

Our Mission

To be the premier integrated gaming solutions specialist focusing on the distribution, operations and management of gaming machines that provide the ultimate recreational experience to customers and to be the leader in the hospitality and leisure industry in providing the highest standards of customer care and service.

Our Services

Our primary operations currently consist of purchasing and operating electronic gaming machines on a revenue sharing basis to the rapidly growing and emerging markets in Pacific Asia. Our strategic presence and focus is in Cambodia. We secure long-term contracts to provide electronic gaming machines to premier hotels and well located gaming venues in Asia. We retain and obtain ownership of the gaming machines upon an agreed percentage of the net win per machine or based on sharing percentage.

We have established a strong strategic presence in our focus markets of Cambodia. In many cases, customers/players enjoyed good facilities with all our venues. We work closely with the venue operator throughout the planning, development and progress of its operational stages to cater a gaming facility that maximizes its profits. However, we oversees appropriate and permitted managing role for the operations of our electronic gaming machines in all venues.

Each venue is uniquely designed and developed to address the specific needs and markets influences of our target customers; we deliver value-added planning services after carefully analyzing and studying each project. And provide updated machines to bring out the highest potential revenue and earnings. We configure typically 100% of the floor in our venues on long term contracts of five years or more, which ensures that our best interests are aligned with the facility owner and operator.

De'Cove Investment Ltd., brings significant competitive advantages to its relationships with the venue owners. We have an experienced management team with deep understanding of the regulatory, political and social issues in these local markets. We have established a strong goodwill and relationships in our markets and possess the necessary state of the art infrastructure and operational expertise to ensure regulatory compliance. In addition, we have established important relationships with major gaming equipment suppliers to ensure that we deliver premium gaming products to our patronage venues.


    • G2E Exhibition Macau - annually attending since 2006
    • Australia Gaming Exhibition (Sydney, Australia) - annually attending since 2006
    • ICE International Casino Exhibition London- annually attending since 2007

    We always look forward to be updated in gaming electronic machines, we have attended also various conference in different places.

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